What are the Specializations of an Entertainment Lawyer?

Just like any other profession out there, there are various areas in the world of entertainment law that entertianment lawyers can specialize in. Below, you'll discover how diverse this area of law is and potentially what type appeals to you most if you're considering a profession in law yourself.


This is a very exciting part of entertainment law. Not only do you have the potential to interact with some of your favorite stars and other talent by devising their contracts, you also have the potential to work with the union crews and employees, handle labor negotiations, work with vendors on product placement and merchandising, copyright, trademarks and financial backing.


Just like film, this is also a very exciting part of entertainment law. Not only do you have the opportunity to work with top names in the music industry, an entertainment lawyer would handle their contracts with record labels, managers, agents, concert promoters and producers, studio work, concert tours and crew issues, music licensing, copyright issues and most important, royalties.

TV & Radio

Television and radio personalities and crewmembers typically have an Entertainment Lawyer handling their contracts. This contract is typically between the production studio. There are also network agreements, such as the one your favorite show might have which keeps it coming back on season after season, distribution agreements which handle how much and where shows can be played, broadcasting licenses such as who gets the sole right to air the Olympics, and regulatory issues.


With so many musicals productions out there such as 'Wicked,” 'The Lion King,” and 'Jersey Boys” to name a few, most of the talent and crew have skilled Entertainment Lawyers at their sides handling their contracts. There are also rental and co-production agreements, agreements with the producer of each theatre act, how ticket sales are handled, copyright and trademark issues and production liability.


With digital animation, video games, and electronic media consistently evolving, this is a very fast paced and frequently challenged area of entertainment law. Contract negotiations for space and equipment, employee contracts, talent agreements, intellectual property, music use, image use and license agreements and copyright issues are common.


Lastly is the area of publishing. This is inclusive of all realms of print media, from cookbooks to advertisements. First and foremost are copyright and trademark issues. But there are also production contracts, author agreements, and advertising, marketing and promotion issues.

As with digital media, the world of entertainment law is fast paced and ever changing. Choosing a career in entertainment law would be an exciting endeavor no matter which specialty you decide to practice.