How to become an Entertainment Lawyer?

So, you've decided to become a Lawyer. Now what? With so many vast areas of the law to choose from, it can be a hard decision to make. A very unique and equally exciting section of the law deals with Entertainment. This can be a very compelling arena to work in as the Entertainment industry has become virtually ingrained in our everyday lives. If becoming an Entertainment Lawyer sounds like something that might be of interest to you, the following information will help guide you on your way.

First and foremost, upon graduation from college, you'll need to attend law school. With just as many options for law schools as there are areas of the law, you'll want to decide on a school that not only prepares you for a career in the Entertainment industry, but also provides the necessary contacts you'll need to get your career started. Often overlooked, the people you meet in college and the alumni associations each college has can play a pivotal role in your future. Think about what area of law you'd like to study and see if there's a school near the epicenter of where the action is. Also consider joining a bar association.

An internship at a law firm specializing in the Entertainment industry while you're in law school will be an invaluable part of your career experience. You'll want to choose a firm that represents people in the Entertainment industry, that can get you exposure to all aspects of Entertainment law, and that can potentially provide you with contacts or employment after graduation from law school. Most companies involved in the Entertainment industry offer in-house counsel.

After graduation from law school, take the bar exam and make sure it is in the state you want to practice law. If hired to a law firm or company you worked for while in school, ask if they have study materials or offer a compensatory program for taking and passing the bar exam. Most importantly, get hired with an Entertainment Lawyer!

Entertainment law is a constantly evolving arena. The contacts you make in law school, the alumni, where you interned, all make a difference in your success as an Entertainment Lawyer. The competition for a career in the Entertainment industry is intense, but with careful consideration and sound decisions, one can join this exclusive club of Entertainment Lawyers.