What is Entertainment Law?

It seems as though there is a type of lawyer for just about anything these days. Our global society has evolved to the point where it can be very challenging to do anything without a lawyer. There are bankruptcy lawyers, immigration lawyers, adoption lawyers, accident lawyers, divorce lawyers, land use attorneys; the list goes on and on.

Even if we don't know it, lawyers are involved in our everyday lives. Did you watch television last night? Did you listen to the radio on your way to work this morning? What was the last book you read? Did your kids play video games this summer while on break? If so, you've been exposed to part of the rule of law that deals with entertainment. Without Entertainment Law, many of the bands you rock out to, movies you watch again and again, and books you can't put down are a successful result of the fascinating world of Entertainment Law.

Entertainment Law covers a broad area in the entertainment industry that involves all types of media, from TV, film, publishing, music, advertising, digital and creative media, radio, etc. It covers an even wider range of legal fields, including but not limited to, labor law, employment law, bankruptcy law, corporate law, finance law, intellectual property, publicity and privacy, and most importantly, the right to free speech in the First Amendment.

Much of the work in Entertainment Law involves drafting contracts, negotiating contracts, mediation, litigation and arbitration. As media has become more and more widespread, Entertainment Law has become a popular field of choice for students of law, offering a chance to work in the entertainment industry and potentially gain some famous clients along the way.

Entertainment Law is a very engaging field of law. Without it, some of our favorite avenues of entertainment may not even exist. So, the next time you're sitting in front of your TV with that big bowl of popcorn, you can thank an Entertainment Lawyer for negotiating the right contract for everyone involved in that production.